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While being a highly profitable industry, online gambling also can be engaged in a lot of fraud activities. There are tons of websites that come across as genuine but end up scamming you of your hard-earned money. The sites that do unethical practices are listed as blacklisted sites. So what is a blacklisted site? In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about blacklisted sites.

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What is a Blacklisted Casino?

Blacklisted casinos are those which do not meet the criteria of delivering fair service to their players. Those sites get blacklisted which follow unethical practices such as skewing the games in their favor, refusing to pay the winnings of the players, rigged games, and other questionable activities.

Reasons Why Casino Sites Are Blacklisted?

Here are some of the reasons casino sites are blacklisted:

  • Unfair Gaming Practices
  • For casino games to be fair, they should be random. Online casino scams rip off the casino games or modify them in a way that casinos have an advantage. A scam casino may also alter the free practice games to favor the gamblers to motivate them to play these games.

  • Complex Terms And Conditions
  • A fraud casino looks for unfair practices like high wagering requirements of 75x, 50x, 85X, etc., for the bonus rollover to withdraw the amount. The X denotes the initial deposit amount that played to maintain in the account.

  • Constantly Changing Terms
  • One of the ways that fraud casinos scam players are by changing their terms and conditions suddenly. This is done especially when there is a conflict with gamblers on a particular issue. They immediately change their terms and conditions and accuse the players instead.

  • Non-Payment Of Winnings
  • Fraud casinos lure players by exhibiting attractive offers, and when they win, the casinos do not pay back the amount. Scam casinos use excuses like the players have cheated, or they did not meet the wagering requirements to not pay the players.

  • Slow Payment Process
  • Similar to the non-payment, fraud casinos resort to slow payment processes to harass the players. These casinos take various weeks or months to pay the winning amount back to the particular player because they do not have the money in the first place. After weeks of the complaint, all players get partial payments that aggravate the issue.

  • Regulations And Licenses
  • Although every site displays itself as a licensed company, it is not always the case, there are some easy ways of getting a license where there are fewer or no rules to follow. Some companies simply add the logo of the regulatory boards on their site to lure players.

How To Identify Blacklisted Casinos?

Here are some red signs that show that the online casino is a fraud:

  • Too Good To Be True Bonuses
  • Although all casinos offer profitable bonuses, fraud casinos take this approach to an impractical level to attract players. But they can misuse the players’ personal information and financial data by requesting them to deposit to get the bonus. You should ignore misleading requests and claims as they may not give you any benefits after you make the deposit.

  • Read The Online Reviews
  • Reading online reviews is one of the ways that you can gauge the authenticity of the site. Ensure to read positive and negative reviews as some sites pay people to post good things about them. Read the reviews from multiple sites and understand the kind of experience existing players are getting. You should also check whether or not the site or forum is authentic. For the same, check if the site is designed by a new member who has not posted anything yet. If that is the case, then the platform is probably fake.

  • Certification
  • An authentic casino would want to show that it is fair and secure to attract the players. Some auditing companies run the casino games of a particular website and assess it from various aspects. Once the testing company is satisfied, the casino site gets a badge that can be included on the website. But blacklisted websites do not have any certification to show on their website.

  • Complicated Payment Policies
  • Genuine casino platforms have streamlined and efficient payment processes. They integrate the latest payment processes to quickly process the withdrawal request. You can check the efficiency of the payment system by making a small deposit. If the casinos do not process your withdrawal in a day or do not accept a small deposit, then you are probably dealing with a fraud casino.

Can A Casino Get Off The Blacklist?

Not all blacklisted casinos sites aim to fraud people. Some sites end up on this list because of the internal inefficiency. And when a casino ends up on a blacklist, it suffers a great loss of reputation, money, and customer base. But it is not a permanent situation as casinos can move out of it with genuine efforts. They have to rectify all the issues that have put them on this list in the first place. Following are something casinos should do:

  • Work to get the right licensing and certification
  • Collaborate with the right software providers
  • Diversify the payment options
  • Make payment process streamlined
  • Offer reliable customer support service

Final Thoughts

Scams are increasing exponentially in the online casino landscape. When selecting an online casino, you have to assess its multiple aspects before you invest money in it. The fraudsters have become sophisticated, so you have to tread the extra miles to gauge the authenticity of an online casino. But the time you invest in selecting the right platform will help you avoid complications in the future.

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