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Jeff Blaylock

Jeff Blaylock

Jeff Blaylock is an administrator of our resource and a professional writer. His task is to find themes and materials that will interest our dear visitors and then create and publish informative texts to make your gambling experience more meaningful. Previously, he has been working as a copywriter and blogger in different spheres, including management, entertainment, and his main passion – gambling games. He studied at the University of Sydney and gained a degree in Economics. Since his student years, Jeff was interested in complicated intellectual schemes. Therefore, gambling industry seems exciting to him from all sides – not only as an entertaining niche but also how it works economically.

Jeff started his career as a junior writer and now he manages all the content that appears on our platform. He joined our team five years ago and made his way to the top, proving his skills and knowledge regularly. He wrote numerous texts about gambling games, news of the industry, and even politics and law (especially topics related to the gambling world). When Jeff was young, he used to play cards with his friends and learned numerous tricks and focuses that amazed everyone. Later, he continued playing card games only for fun. When he grew up, the industry of gambling became his main focus. He loves the aesthetics of casinos and values great digital games that convey this cool atmosphere.

Jeff is always glad to share his gambling experience with others. Fresh players might feel confused when they only start gambling. Jeff is always ready to support, communicate, and lend a helping hand (you can contact Jeff directly adding him to your friends’ list on Facebook). Read his reviews and learn more about particular casinos as well as the industry as a whole. His new articles appear at regularly.

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